Thursday, 25 July 2013

A Gun For George

Matthew Holness is a comedian and an ace pasticheur, but 'A Gun For George' has a horror at its heart that transcends mere parody and goes somewhere altogether darker. Holness recognises that the best pulp fiction often originates from the worst places in people - the scared, bigoted, angry, anguished, dangerous parts - which is perhaps why they appeal so much to us, presenting violent wish fulfilment fantasies where the characters behave exactly how they like. You want money? Rob it. A woman? Grab her. Has someone crossed you? Kill him, and his friends, and his fucking dog. All on a diet of Bells Whisky and sixty Rothmans a day. Seriously, how funny is that?

Watch the whole film here, then visit this excellent and brilliantly observed website which seems to have been building up to something for a while without ever getting there. I'd like to see some more whenever you're ready, please, Mr. Holness, you have a very special skill set.. 

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