Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Jack & George

After four series and two films of 'The Sweeney', Jack Regan and Carter started to resemble an old married couple, not least in the mornings when they busied themselves in a kind of domestic bliss - "I'll shave; you make the breakfast. Where's that Brut Roll On?".

In the office, they unconsciously mimicked book-ends, never more than a few feet apart. 

Fact is, they loved each other, like brothers, like friends, like, well, like lovers - with all the ups and downs, blazing rows, chilly estrangements and warm reunions that entails. But there was no sex. Well, there was lots of sex, but not with each other. Seriously, regardless of how good he could be for you, why shag Dennis Waterman when you can have a go at Janet Ellis wearing a German helmet? 

I love every detail of this picture.

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