Sunday, 6 March 2011

Dr. Who: Day of the Daleks

'The Day Of The Daleks' was the first story in the third Jon Pertwee series, as well as the first episode were he met, was captured by, escaped from and, ultimately, overcame The Daleks. It's a pretty good story, economical (in every sense of the word: you never see more than three Daleks) and fairly fast moving, although it loses points for introducing the brutish and loathsome Ogrons who, despite only appearing in about eight episodes, terrified me for most of the seventies and early eighties.

Originally broadcast in early 1972, I don't remember it from first time around, although I became intimately acquainted with every aspect of it via the Target book adaptation, which I probably read about two hundred times.


  1. After a similar experience with my own own Target book, I became obsessed by Day Of The Daleks (which I hadn't seen) and recall buying some colour stills from 'John Fitton Books And Magazines' in the early 80's (remember that catalogue?). I used to stare at the photographs and pretend I was watching the episodes.
    Loved the story when I finally got to view it, and was especially impressed by Pertwee's boozing.

  2. Pertwee is a genius. I was born in 1968, and still find it particularly galling that I can't remember watching (although my Dad tells me I did) the first two years of Pertwee's reign. Stupid baby memory.