Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Mighty Fury

'Konga' is a deeply ridiculous, terribly endearing film. Mad Scientist Michael Gough (who else?) reappears after a year in the jungle with a chimp and a handful of mystical herbs that can transform his pet into a massive gorilla (I can just about accept the increase in size, but a change in species?). Gough being Gough, he immediately sets the mutated primate on the trail of his enemies, and murder is the inevitable result.

Naturally (or unnaturally) it all goes wrong and, before you can say 'King Kong', Konga grows gargantuan and decides to trash London.

For once Wikkipedia describes the end best, with the poignant 'upon his death, he reverts back to a chimpanzee'. I love this film so much it's pitiful.

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