Sunday, 27 March 2011

What Dread Hand

First mix of 2011, and the first to be hosted on 'Island Of Terror'. How exciting.

'Earthborn' was inspired by the first twangs of Spring, but is more about the arse end of Winter, the muddy, chilly, damp and dreary that sticks around and makes everyone vaguely depressed until the beginning of April when the sun starts to break through. I don't mind that sort of weather at all, of course, I'm a vaguely depressed kind of person: I like drizzle better than sizzle.


001 Boards Of Canada: Wildlife Analysis 002 Talk Talk: The Rainbow (Edit) 003 Evan Parker: Birds One 004 Norma Winstone: Perkins Landing 005 Pentangle: In Your Mind 006 The Memory Band: Once Bittern 007 Basil Kirchin: Once Upon A Time (Excerpt) 008 Spontaneous Music Ensemble: Oliv II (Excerpt) 009 Belbury Poly: Cool Air 

It's all mixed together with some additional sound effects, nature recordings and the odd bit of sonic manipulation, as well as some dialogue samples from, well, you'll never guess...


  1. Played this four times yesterday, and I'll be having some more by the fire later this evening.

    Fantastic work sir, right up my avenue (if you'll pardon the expression)..

  2. Thanks, I take that as a great compliment given how much I enjoy your mixes. I have a few ideas for a second part, probably for the middle of April.

  3. At work this kept me going for the morning. Now to listen again this afternoon. Fantastic indeed.

  4. Am painting the bathroom and this open, spacious mix has rendered the whole task pleasurable. Wonderful, and thank you.

  5. That's very gratifying. Thanks, Keith; thanks, BC. My bathroom needs doing, too.

  6. Sublime sir. And the picture... from 'Sky' yes? I'd love to watch that again.