Monday, 14 March 2011

Star Maidens

I used to watch 'Star Maidens' on Saturday mornings in 1976. Even then I thought it was preposterous.

A low budget British - West German production with a mix of domestic and 'continental' actors, it told the story of Shem and Adam, two runaway male slaves (or 'domestics') from Medusa, a planet in another solar system ruled by women. When they find their way to Earth they claim political asylum and, gawd help us, we give it to them. In response, their angry mistresses kidnap an Earth man and woman and take them to Medusa. What follows are 13 half hour episodes of role reversal sex comedy, internecine politics, endless negotiations, polyester costumes and terrible hair (the domestics all have 'Sun In' style blond streaks). It's not great, but it is pretty funny.

Interesting cast, though, a pre-'Children Of The Stones' and 'Blakes Seven' Gareth Thomas, Derek Farr, Ronald Hines, Graham Crowden and, in one episode, Alfie Bass. It was a new low for film star Judy Geeson, however, but not an all time low: that would come in 1981 with 'Inseminoid'. Horror stalwart and 'Island of Terror' icon Freddie Francis directed five episodes of this rubbish, presumably in his sleep.

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