Sunday, 24 July 2011

Hugh Goes There

Hugh Griffith was a Welsh actor known for his exuberant performances and extraordinary face. He appeared in a number of high prestige blockbuster films in supporting roles, but wasn't fussy, also cropping up in horror films and sex comedies and even co-starring with Cliff Richard in 'Take Me High'. He's seen here as cheeky grave digger / grave robber Mickey in 'Cry Of The Banshee'.

He'll be back, the rascal. Thanks to Andrew Demetrius for the suggestion.


  1. Tom Jones, Dr Phibes, The Hound Of the Baskervilles, The Final Programme, he was never not brilliant.

  2. ^ Seconded, and I love his pissed-up old coot in The Bargee with Harry H. Corbett

  3. He was also the only fluent Welsh speaker to win an Oscar (Best Supporting Actor - Ben Hur (1959)