Thursday, 28 July 2011

Throwaway Lines Often Ring True

I like Roxy Music. At their best, they were one of the most inventive groups that ever stalked a stage; at their worst, they are absolutely ridiculous, and I like that too. There’s still something very contemporary about them, perhaps because they consciously set out to make 21st century music when they started some forty years ago.

'Out of The Blue' is one of their most complex and enigmatic songs, with some interesting violin and oboe interjections and a tight, insidious rhythm that prefigures their later excursions into Eurodisco. Oh, and nice 'tache, Bryan.

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  1. A fine choice Mr Wittering. Another good version of Out of the Blue can be found on the early Roxy live album Viva. Which also includes damn fine versions of Chance Meeting and Both Ends Burning. I best go listen to it now.