Friday, 22 July 2011

Tomorrow & Tomorrow & Tomorrow

Four months after the first show was aired, 'The Tomorrow People' truly arrived when it was awarded a crappy spin off cartoon strip in all conquering comic / TV Times for kids 'Look In'. The strip lasted for five years, eventually running out of steam just before the show did.

The mastheads tell the story of the homo superior's slightly chaotic recruitment policy, especially in the crowded team photo prior to the sacking of Stephen and Tyso in favour of Mike Holloway. Latecomer Andrew is not featured, as no-one could be bothered by that point.

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  1. There was a period between the first two where the line up was John, Elizabeth and Stephen, in colour/bw for a period before it was wholly b/w, before (I think) returning to full colour just before Mike joined. The Hsui Tai strip was in one of the annuals only.