Saturday, 2 July 2011

When I Kill, You Kill

'Goodbye Gemini' (aka 'Twinsanity') is a complex and occasionally confusing tale about the unhealthy relationship between twins and the even less salubrious relationships they have with others. The film addresses such adult issues as incest, transvestism, drug use, male rape, murder and suicide and places them all in the milieu of London as it swings decadently into the seventies. Virtually everyone in the film is either a lunatic or a scumbag, sometimes both. It's not a particularly uplifting film, but it has some striking moments, great music and a very cool cast.

Judy Geeson and Martin Potter play the freaky twins, Jacky and Julian. Potter has one of those faces that is unwholesomely handsome: his features are well formed, but there's something sickly and slightly creepy about it (no offence, Mart, Christopher Walken had / has the same look). The cast is rounded out by the incredibly annoying Alexis Kanner, Sir Michael Redgrave, the great Mike Pratt (aka Jeff Randall, the non deceased detective) and your friend and mine, Sir Freddie Jones.

Here's some music from a critical point in the film: 'Ritual Murder',  by Christopher Gunning.  


  1. Love this film, and would certainly consider taking it with me to a desert island. I was delighted when the restored print was released after years of existing on bootleg copies.
    Totally agree with your comments regarding Martin "Satan's Slave" Potter.
    And let's face it; even if Judy Geeson was your twin sister, you still would though wouldn't you !

  2. I avoided this film for years, thinking it would be some tatty piece of rubbish, but finally saw it about six months ago... could I have been more wrong? Would love to read 'Ask Agamemnon' if any cheap copies still exist. The ultimate double bill would have to be this and 'Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny & Girly'.