Thursday, 7 July 2011

The Tomorrow People: The Vanishing Earth

'The Vanishing Earth' is a 1973 story from the second series of 'The Tomorrow People'. The four episodes take place during a time of increased natural disasters, which turn out to be aftershocks from illicit 'magmanite' mining activity conducted by aliens Sandor and Spidron, a ruthless dolly bird and a sibilant root / humanoid hybrid dressed in a Torquemada outfit respectively.

It's all pretty silly, but I find it irresistible simply because much of it was filmed in Clacton On Sea, exactly sixteen miles from where I was brought up. In the seventies I'd go there to pick up sweets from the grabbers and shells from the beach; in the eighties I went to try and pick up girls; in recent years I've taken my own family and picked up the cost.

The pier and the beach surrounding it is one of my favourite places, so it's great to see it recorded in this way, especially at a time when I was getting to know it and it still seemed like one of the most exciting destinations on Earth.

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