Sunday, 26 February 2012

Almost Human

Make no mistake, ‘Shock Waves’ is pure trash but, as aquatic Nazi killer zombie films go, it’s right up there.

Yes, it suffers from the jumpy narrative and variable performances that these sort of films specialise in, but it actually has quite a lot going for it: Peter Cushing, looking worrying thin, but giving his usual credible performance, this time with a clipped German accent and a great big scar down his mush; an effective, abstract score played on cheap synths; location shooting on an eerie looking island and in a run down, deserted hotel, and, best of all, the decomposing genetically engineered Nazi half-living, half-dead killing machines in goggles who live underwater, lying in wait for victims, of which there are many. It's possibly the most fun the Third Reich has ever given the world.

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