Sunday, 19 February 2012

There Is No Escape!

Despite its sensational title and poster, 'Naked Evil' is a rather creaky affair, which is a real shame as its premise - Voodoo comes to London - has distinct possibilities. Despite the supernatural overtones and a few well done atmospherics, however, the film never rises above a fairly basic whodunnit, and although its setting (a hostel for commonwealth men attending college in the UK) is fairly unique, its portrayal of the 'coloured' students as a musical, superstitious, cowardly, slightly comical lot is very much 'of its time'.

On the other hand, the film also presents us with the facinating spectacle of future Dr. Who Master Anthony Ainley enjoying some Jamaican ska jazz. Even Basil Dignam approves.

1 comment:

  1. A shame - that superb poster, title card, and the extraordinary looking stills suggest something slightly less disappointing. Any chance of an mp3 of that Jamaican ska jazz number?