Friday, 3 February 2012


Here's a great clip of Jon Pertwee's appearance on a 1974 edition of 'Billy Smarts Circus'.

There's a lot to like about it, but I particularly enjoyed: Gabriella Smart mouthing her brother's lines to him and then giving him stage directions (to be fair to David, he's under a lot of pressure for a seven year old); the audience's sudden delight when they realise that it really is Dr. Who; Jon Pertwee's charm and obvious enjoyment at being there and, finally, the Whomobile jerking around as the Doctor tries to drive off. Lovely.


  1. He pushed and pushed that Whomobile didn't he? Probably literally too ;)

  2. What an amazing memory for the kids in the audience to have. Most exciting thing I ever seen at the circus was when some 'performing' doves shat all over the place.
    Good old Jon; a lovely bloke by all accounts.