Saturday, 18 February 2012

Bryant Haliday

You may have noticed we've had a bit of a Bryant Haliday theme going on for the last couple of weeks. A Harvard graduate, Bryant was a successful producer and distributor of art films (that’s not a euphemism for pornography, by the way) , but he also acted a bit when he felt like it and lent his deep voice and awful skin to four genre films ('Devil Doll', 'Curse of the Voodoo', 'The Projected Man' and ‘Tower Of Evil’).

Brent was never a great actor, but he certainly had presence and a very specific look, and his short career as a leading man threw up some off-beat films that are greatly enhanced by his appearances in them. Ultimately, though, Brent didn’t really need the money or the exposure, so he returned to his day job - art films gain, horror's loss. He died in 1996.

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