Monday, 13 February 2012

Derren Nesbitt, Actor

In many ways, the defining role of Derren Nesbitt's career was as Gestapo Major Von Halpen in the classic 'Where Eagles Dare' (1968). If, for instance, you were talking to some bizarre person who didn't know who Derren was, I guarantee that they would remember him in this film (if they say 'what's Where Eagles Dare?', then just walk away - to hell with them). 

Derren does his really rather good German accent, and, despite being the most ruthless, arrogant Nazi you can imagine who would clearly do truly awful things in the name of the Fuhrer, he also manages to be quirky and interesting and, well, sort of charming, up until the very second that dead-eyed psycho Clint Eastwood shoots him in the head.


  1. Despite it being on every Easter/Xmas/Bank Holiday in the pre-satellite-and-cable era and now simply on at least one of the many channels at least once a week I've never actually seen this film. Does Derren twist a bird's boob for extra Nazi-S&M emphasis?

  2. "Please prove you're not a robot" -

    wv = Hammond. raepen (like Keith Emerson used to do)

  3. Indeed, his German accent was good

    The trouble was, he couldn't pronounce German words/names, such as Düsseldorf, which somewhat watered down the performance

  4. He domonated in that movie. What a manely body language. Superb and smart behaviors. Highly repectable romantic way of approach with lady costar. At the same time his eyes showed "I feel suspicious" at times he interact with enemy costar. A lwgwndary actor. Actually he dominated clint east wood and other top stars in Where Eagles dare. -- Saravanan.t. South India.