Thursday, 16 February 2012

Reach, Throw, Wade, Row

Keith Barron lends his mordant tones to 'Reach, Throw, Wade, Row', one of the most depressing and nightmarish of all public information films. Not content with directing his voiceover at a corpse, the ever chirpy Barron comes up with a series of slightly far fetched alternate realities where, if there had only been access to a handy boat or a plastic football, the dead bloke might still be alive. I'll bet that poor, brave, drowned man feels really stupid now.


  1. You don't see nearly enough vaseline on the camera lens these days...

  2. Depends on the sort of stuff you watch, I suppose.

  3. Where do you find them? It gave me and Phoebe a good laugh - made us feel all 'floaty' ;-)

  4. I don't remember this from the Network "Charley Says" DVDs, so echoing LindaK's request, can I ask where did you get it? Is it on one of those B.F.I. C.O.I. DVDs that I really should get around to buying?

    On a different note, after your Circus of Horrors/Fear posts I was waiting for you to post that other UK circus horror "classic", Briton's 30 years after the event answer to Freaks: "The Mutations"

    I'm not saying it's a great film but I've enjoyed it the couple of times I've watched it (despite the 1980's BBFC appearing to have cut out a significant portion of the finale)

    Plus it's got Tom Baker and Donald Pleasence in it so IMO made it worth the 50p VHS investment the first place.

  5. 'The Mutations' is on my long 'To Do' list, so please continue to watch this space. This PIF is on my DVD of Charley Says 2.

  6. Just shows how long it is since I watched CS2. Would have took me all of 90 seconds to check, well don't I look a fool etc...

    Enjoy almost everything you post on here (and Mounds and Circles) so I look forward to your thoughts on The Mutations.