Thursday, 7 April 2011

Derren Nesbitt, Actor

Derren Nesbitt is an idiosyncratic actor whose very appearance in a production guarantees something interesting. He always reminds me of a British Christopher Walken, although he predates crazy Chris by almost twenty years.

A very busy boy from the late fifties until the mid seventies, Nesbitt lent his distracted mumbling, clipped vowels, head shaking and eye rubbing to shows like 'Dr Who', 'UFO', 'The Persuaders', The Protectors', 'The Prisoner' (as a peroxide haired Number Two with massive glasses) and 'Special Branch (pictured) as well as a number of films, including his most famous role as the polite but psychotic SS officer von Hapen in 'Where Eagles Dare'. His career slowed down in the mid seventies after some adverse publicity, but he took the opportunity to take it easy and work on other projects, occasionally appearing in the odd sex comedy or Hale & Pace episode to keep his hand in.

A unique talent, he's currently writing a book debunking The Bible. He'll be a regular guest on The Island.

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