Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Elisabeth Sladen

Sarah Jane Smith was probably my first crush. Sad news.


  1. An awful and untimely loss. R.I.P.

  2. Very Sad. To many people gone this year already.

  3. This sad news just does not compute, mistress.
    If you can stand it right now, there's a great 50 minute documentary about Elizabeth Sladen's tremendous contribution to DR WHO on the HAND OF FEAR dvd.
    I watched it late last night in a haze of whiskey and grief.


  4. Awful news, and a terrible shock - had no idea she was ill. RIP. Thanks for the docu reminder, Fearlono; Hand of Fear is a big favourite in our house. "Eldrad *must* live."

  5. Such terrible news. Sarah Jane was an early crush of mine, too, back in the days when I was a moody, introspective teenager, unhappily married to my right wrist. I once made a lovingly-detailed pencil drawing of her emerging naked from a lake in some alien landscape. I had to use my imagination for some of the more fleshly parts, obviously, but it was convincing enough for those special occasions when I removed it from the locked drawer in my bedroom.