Sunday, 3 April 2011

Piper Gates Design

Speaking of ‘The Prisoner’, ‘Bedazzled’ and ‘Dr. Who’ (as we have been in recent weeks) may I draw your attention to the wonderful work of Piper Gates Design?

I purchased their Prisoner postcard set a few weeks ago, and they are now framed and take pride of place on top of the telly. My Wife doesn’t like that much, but her stuff is all over and I bought the thing and pay the TV licence so there’s nothing legally she can do about it.

Contrary to what you may expect of such an obviously professional setup, I don’t get paid to do this weblog,  I don't get sent a load of stuff and nobody ever asks me for my opinion. If Piper Gates are reading this, however, can I just say that I would be sickeningly effusive towards any future work that featured Jon Pertwee era Who, and I would be sure to pass that enthusiasm on to my 12-15 readers.


  1. " 12-15 readers". Oh you great bloody show-off.

  2. Love the Piper Gates designs. I am now going to go and check them out.
    Pride of place on top the Telly. All my stuff is banished to the other room or the loft.