Friday, 8 April 2011

Burning Bright

'Earthbound' is my second new long mix of the year, and comes from the same well of inspiration as 'Earthborn' from a couple of weeks ago, i.e. grey mornings, low sun, dirty windows, trudging about and staving off attacks from piles of leaves.


001 Brian Bennett: Earthborn 002 Tangerine Dream: Fauni Gena 003 Ramases: Earth People 004 Nucleus: Stonescape 005 Michael Garrick: Thanksgiving Dance 006 Minotaur Shock: Primary 007 Boards of Canada: Oirectine 008 Oberon: Time Past, Time Come 009 Marianne Faithfull: Jabberwock 010 Les Reed: Dawn Idyll 011 Delired Cameleon Family: Le Boeuf

Featured songbirds include the Greenfinch, the Crosshatch, the Field Fare and the occupants of the Berlin Zoo Aviary in late 1972.

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  1. Excellent mix. Tangerine Dream Fauni Gena great choice. Atem is a great album.