Tuesday, 19 April 2011

I Confess

Awful cash in single from Robin Askwith, as promoted on the 'Marc' show broadcast on 14th September, 1977. Marc died two days later.

There was always something brutish about Robin Askwith and this song and performance gives us an indication of what it might be like if a chimpanzee released a record but is nowhere near as funny. Nice of Marc to briefly mention Robin's latest X rated film to the thousands of children watching, particularly as he has positioned a trophy between his legs to represent an erect penis.


  1. Yes, the single is just as limp as his contemptible films were. I once blundered into one of those 'Confessions of ...' efforts with some school friends after being fooled by a late switch of screens at the cinema showing it (we were trying to see 'The Adventures of Barry McKenzie'). Getting in to see an x-rated "sex-romp" should have been a major result for four pimply youths in the middle of a seven-year stretch at a boys-only grammar school. Sadly, it proved to be the most unerotic two hours imaginable. What a tiresome, charmless oaf Askwith was. Whenever he gave one of his trademark jack-the-lad grins to camara as a prelude to yet another bout of softcore "action" I just wanted to punch him.

  2. It is actually just 'a movie about camping' isn't it?

  3. 'Confessions From A Holiday Camp' (1977) the death knell of a crappy series.