Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The Tomorrow People: The Living Skins

'The Living Skins' was the last story in the penultimate series of 'The Tomorrow People'. The Ballboids are a parasitic alien race (actually, 'Prisoner' style weather balloons: you can see the knots) who travel from planet to planet attaching themselves to lifeforms, taking them over and then sucking them dry.

On Earth, they use the same strategy as the Denagelee in 'The Blue & The Green', targeting the most vulnerable and stupid people on the planet, i.e. teenagers, this time by way of a fashion fad for hideous (and carnivorous) plastic jumpsuits. As it's 1978, of course, a year where Rod Stewart got an affirmative answer to the question 'Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?', they almost get away with it.

What can stop them? Well, howzabout the sniffles?

For Vic Mars and Ian from Piper Gates, who both have their own reasons to fear this post.


  1. Horrible stuff! Cheers for the pics
    I'm not sure which gave me more nightmares, this or the witch from Here Comes Mumfie.

  2. Third time lucky...

    A piece on The Tomorrow People serial Hitler's Last Secret would make for a excellent trilogy of posts on the TP's! Mike Holloway's wooden acting at its wooden best.

  3. Was that the one when Hitler's face melted at the end? Another nightmare inducer. Those are the only two things I think I can remember about The Tomorrow People.

  4. I've sent a mail to your talktalk account...

  5. Sorry for lack of reply Vic, thought I'd already done one. Yes, you are quite correct. Hitler was played by Mr Bronson from Grange Hill, just like he later did in the third Indiana Jones film. Worth getting the tomorow people on dvd as they have possibly the best commentary ever, you wont regret it!