Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Baron

'The Baron' was one of the numerous ITC action and adventure series that dominated the ITV schedules during the sixties and seventies. It starred American b-movie actor Steve Forrest (Dana Andrews' brother) as Texan antique dealer / international agent John Mannering, 'The Baron'. One of the better series in the ITC canon, it benefits from good scripts by TV geniuses Terry Nation, Dennis Spooner and Brian Clemens, as well as any number of interesting guest stars from Edward Woodward to Bernard Lee to Peter Wyngarde (don't worry, we'll come back to that) and well, you'll never guess...

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  1. That sparked a random memory. One of my old school friends is the nephew of Bernard Hill (Bernie is my mate's Dad's older brother), though they were never particuarly close. One Christmas in the very late 1990s, the family opened their joint present from Bernard: a VHS of Titanic.

    Thanks, unc.