Sunday, 19 June 2011

I Will Be King

In 1972, about five minutes before 'Ziggy Stardust' came out, Marc Bolan said of his sort of mate David Bowie: "I don’t think that David has anywhere near the charisma or balls that I have. Or Alice has. Or Donny Osmond has got. He’s not gonna make it, in any sort of way."
Five years later, in what would have been a humiliating reversal of fortunes for anyone less insanely egotistical than Bolan, Bowie appeared on 'Marc' and promptly blew everything and everybody else that had appeared on the show so far into tiny shards of insignificance. David's presence always reminds me of royalty visiting a youth club, then cajoled into playing table tennis or deejaying for the press. The difference is, of course, that Prince Charles can’t DJ but David can, most assuredly, sing.

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