Thursday, 2 June 2011

F*** Me, It's Freddie

FMIF camping it up as Philip Proudfoot in the under-rated (and underseen) spy spoof 'Otley'. Freddie is at his most Freddie-ish, giving a very memorable performance in a film top heavy with acting talent.

His tough looking friend is Robert Brownjohn, a brilliant graphic designer making a cameo as a heavy. Brownjohn most famously directed the title sequences for 'From Russia With Love' and 'Goldfinger', but he was a very important figure in design history for all sorts of reasons. A heroin addict (too much hanging out with Blue Note artists), he died in 1970, aged only 44.


  1. F*** me !

    Thanks for pointing this one out, haven't seen it before and I'm securing myself a copy right now.
    What a tremendous cast !

  2. Otley is def a very under-rated film. Its a real Sunday afternoon/Bank Holiday afternoon film, if you know what I mean. I am sure Fearlono will love this film. James Villiers is excellent in it.