Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The Way In

The first day of Summer is officially on June 21st, but calendars are for squares, man, I say it's the first of June, even if its snowing. So, in celebration of the sticky weather soon to delight, then annoy, then grind us down, here's a mix I call 'The Door Into Summer'.

It's a mixed bag, but it's all decent stuff. At least one of the tracks has appeared in a previous mix I did elsewhere, but I'm very much a flow kind of mixer, and the whole thing just didn't seem right without it. Anyway, I've said too much...


001 Music De Wolfe: Country Haze 002 Bitter-Sweet: What A Lonely Way To Start The Summertime 003 Margo Guryan: Sun 004 Melodic Energy Commission: The Doorway Into Summer 005 Lalo Schifrin: Bees, Wasps & Mayflies 006 Francois de Roubaix: La Canal Gele 007 Hoyt Axton: The Sunshine Fields Of Love 008 Tully: I Feel The Sun 009 Dick Mills: Seascape 010 Ars Nova: Walk On The Sand 011 Ora: Seashore 012 Friends: One Sweet Day 013 The Advisory Circle: Sundial 014 Blur: Essex Dogs 015 Greta Ann: Sadness Hides The Sun


  1. This is good news, and I like the idea of bringing summer forward, providing it ends sooner.
    I'll be listening to this while setting up road blocks around the village to keep the tourists away.
    Might get the job done quicker if I borrow Bertram's motorbike.

  2. Listening to this as I apply suncream very liberally in anticipation of this coming of summer you herald. May make a jug of Pimms and light up the barbecue. I'll just get the fluffy socks on first as my feet are freezing.

  3. Thanks for this nice mix! Did you see the new François de Roubaix compilation on WEME records with unreleased material from short films? I just got it - highly recommended.

  4. wonderful stuff, have thoroughly enjoyed rummaging through the blog whilst tuned into radio terror.

    a good sauce of rofflez. compliments to the chef.