Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Tomorrow People: World's Away

'Worlds Away' is a fun but unsatisfying story from 'The Tomorrow People'. first broadcast in 1975. In it, the homo superior get to go to another planet for the first time, Pyrie, where an evil race of jackal headed aliens called the Khultan are in charge, oppressing and eating the humanoid population. 6,000 year earlier, the Khultan had built our very own pyramids, which are, apparently, actually psychic power suppressing machines.

So fun, yes, but why unsatisfying? Well, Keith Chegwin is in it, but, apart from that, its because they take the time to invent these terrifying Anubis lookalike aliens (and I was really scared of them as a kid), but never actually involve them in the story apart from as holograms and as a disguise. At the end, it turns out that they're not even there any more, they've moved on and left the planet to itself, like intergalactic absentee landlords. It just seems like a bit of a wasted opportunity, really.

This was actually broadcast before the Dr. Who serial 'Pyramids Of Mars', which reiterates the idea of Egyptian Gods as coming from another world, but, quite honestly, Dr. Who looks like 'Solaris' in comparison to this enjoyable but ridiculously slipshod effort. 

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