Sunday, 26 June 2011

Fourth and Last

After the success of the two 'Sweeney' films, the lads got back together to make a fourth and last series in 1978.

Not much had changed, although the scripts were noticeably weaker and relied increasingly on broad humour and self-reflexive parody. Annoyingly, they also changed the iconic credit sequence for something altogether more disco, although it does end brilliantly. Happily, they didn't change the music, although some idiot decided to dub a load of sound effects over it.

They changed the end sequence, too, but I rather like this one. Same reflective music, but accompanied by shots of a presumably drunk Regan and Carter simply mooching around town with nothing to do but smoke and look pissed off. It's quite sweet.

We shall not see their like again. &, no, the forthcoming remake does not sound like a good idea.


  1. What remake? Ye gods, is nothing sacred?!

  2. Series Four is possibly my favourite as its pretty much played for laughs. Trevor Preston's Messenger of the Gods is possibly the funniest thing ever with the whole cast on form. Must dig out the box set...