Saturday, 11 June 2011

Legend of the Witches

'Legend of The Witches’ is a documentary film from 1970. In its entirety, mainly due to virtually non-existent editing and a posh, slow, low voiceover, it’s incredibly boring, but short individual sequences are great.

Starting off with a load of old cobblers about the rising sun and a blindfolded nude bloke staggering around on his way to be initiated, we get to see several ceremonies presided over by UK Witchcraft superstars Maxine & Alex Sanders; get a potted history of superstition and the Devil; a long tour of the Boscastle Museum of Witchcraft and dozens of dimpled bottoms and swinging boobs, moobs and twinkles.

It’s not necessarily one to watch when you’re having your lunch, or in charge of heavy machinery. It’s a fascinating document, but it can cause drowsiness. Here’s a clip which sums it up: boring and brilliant. ‘The Island’ takes no liability for any viewer actually hypnotised by this footage, especially if you are naked.

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