Monday, 3 June 2013


Despite her phenomenal success in the role of Mrs. Emma Peel, Diana Rigg did not particularly enjoy her time in 'The Avengers'. Not only did she dislike the relentless attention of the media, she also found out that, initially, at least, she was earning far less than some members of the crew. Also, of course, she had a desire to stretch herself as an actress - Shakespeare, Chekov, Shaw, Brecht, Wise - and wanted to leave all the karate and cat suits behind her. No wonder she doesn't answer questions about 'Minikillers'.

'Minikillers' is a 1969 German production made in Spain, comprising of four seven minute episodes. There's no dialogue, but the music is exceptionally groovy. The story, such as it is, revolves around a criminal network that uses creepy walking dolls to both smuggle heroin and to knock off members of the Interpol team investigating them. The dolls do this in a very novel way: their tiny tears are deadly poison.

Dame Diana gets involved purely by chance, but soon settles their hash with some unarmed combat and a selection of killer outfits. It's a pleasure to see her in action, even though the majority of her time is just spent looking gorgeous and smiling wryly to herself. But that's okay, that's two of the things she does  very well.

Ms Rigg has never discussed exactly why she made such an obviously cobbled together oddity, especially as she was an established film presence by this time. It may be presumptious, but I think I might be able to work it out: she was offered a shit load of money, a few days work in an exotic locale and they said she could keep the costumes after the production wrapped. Sounds okay, doesn't? No need to be embarrassed, Diana, I'd have done it just for the holiday - if anybody had ever wanted to see me in a bikini, that is.


  1. Haha someone else has seen this! I can't recall the full facts now but I think the 16mm film were made without sound, because home projectors - the film's market - weren't equipped for it. That and the fact that no sound equalled no language barriers for the Euro market. I believe Diana was paid equal and possibly more than she received for OHMSS!

  2. "Shaw, Brecht, Wise" ???? Do you mean Wilde????

    1. No, Wise. Ernie Wise. She was in a play what he wrote.