Thursday, 13 June 2013


I'm not absolutely barking mad for Tom Baker, but 'Revenge Of The Cybermen' has a lot going for it in Dr. Who terms.

It features an established enemy (the titular man machines), the threat of nuclear destruction, location filming at the aforementioned (i.e. yesterday) Wookey Hole in Somerset and it has a Carey Blyton score for saxophone and radiophonics...but it doesn't have Jon Pertwee in it so I'm afraid it just doesn't quite do it for me.

What does, however, is the bit when a Vogon nearly falls off the little train. It may be childish, and it's not even particularly funny, but there's something so essentially human and British and Dr. Who-ish about it that it it makes me smile every time...


  1. During an early 1980's school holiday, we visited the aforementioned Wookey Hole on a day trip. The trendy young vicar that accompanied us made the mistake of mentioning the Dr Who link, and spent the rest of the week fielding my endless stream of Who related questions that he was entirely unable to answer.

    To further digress; I bought a poster of the 'Wookey Hole Witch' in the gift shop, and the two old cunts that ran the shop accused me of stealing it on my way out. I then faced an on the spot trial by my teachers, eventually walking away a free man, but under a cloud of suspicion that blights me to this day. On all subsequent school outings I made it a point to shoplift anything that wasn't nailed down, figuring that I might as well be hanged for a wolf as a sheep.
    In my book: Wookey Hole = Fuck 'em all !

    1. there is very sad, indeed, tragic, story here of a young person, all-too-understandably in the circumstances, taking a life-changing wrong turn ... but it put a smile on my face - cheers, Fearlono!

      [btw, apologies for the messy, 1st attempt, deletion of the above ... sigh]