Sunday, 23 June 2013

The Two Faces Of Evil

'The Two Faces Of Evil' is a collaboration between myself and the notorious Fearlono of 'Cottage Of Electric Hell' and 'Mounds & Circles' fame. From the moment I first heard his warped audio mixes, I knew that this was a ghost train with a groovy guard and a gravy cargo and I wanted to stand on the footplate and help him shovel shit into the firebox.

We met for real, no shit, in person in Sheffield last year and got on like an orphanage on fire, so much so that for a few days afterwards I used to look at my wife and think 'you know, you don't really understand me at all'. Our bromance (there's nothing sexual, just touching) has culminated in this dark and fiendish mix of music, atmospheres and assorted spooky stuff.

Fearlono, of course, tells a far stranger and more disturbing origin story and, to be honest, he might be right. The fact is, every time I think about how the mix came about I black out, as if something within me doesn't want me to nose is bleeding as I type this.

Download it HERE.Do it NOW!


  1. I'm sorry but I don't believe a word of that story. Fearlono's tale has the ring of truth to it and I know for a FACT he has a barn filled with Rohypnol, which would explain the memory loss and confusion.

    Many thanks for the shit shoveling.