Tuesday, 11 June 2013

It's A Big Small World


The Village Green and Church.
Merritown Shopping Centre.

Indoor Model Railway.

We've my friend Dolly Dolly to thank for this deluxe Great Yarmouth Model Village bumper bonanza, as he was kind enough to send me these treasures a while back. As you will recall, the village is called Merivale, one of the great Modernist evocations of the land of lost content (second only to the Festival of Britain's imaginary town of 'Avoncaster') and is, as you can see, a work of absolute genius. As it says in the souvenir and mini-guide:

'All in all, nothing has been omitted from this Lilliputian land of make believe; it is the most authentic and realistic of models which delights young and old alike'.

I wish I were there now, and three inches tall.


  1. A coven of witches on the village green. Spectacular!

    1. Can I please join your village green witch coven society ?

      * I remember hearing a news item about a grown man who was caught "disgracing himself" while standing astride the Merritown Shopping Centre.
      I've got my suspicions as to the identity of the "bespectacled sex fiend".