Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Interesting Postcards

Madame Tussauds Store Room,
Wookey Hole,

I worked out a long time that the Wookey Hole is the most hauntological place in Britain. My evidence: an ancient cave network, used by man for 50,000 years, frequented by witches, haunted by unquiet spirits, the scene of several deaths, location for Blakes 7 and Dr. Who (and a Dr. Who exhibition), a tourist destination for hundreds of years and, for Christ's sake, Madam Tussaud's used to send their cast offs there. 

I went there in 1979 and stood amazed in front of the seemingly endless display of old heads. I was already obsessed with waxworks, so this was a revelation. For some reason, the only one I can remember now is murderer Charlie Peace, mainly because my Granddad used to compare me to him when I misbehaved. The rest is a happy blur of incredulity.

If anyone can give me some more information about 'M.Smith' I would be very grateful. He's the fellow in the middle who looks a bit like Danny La Rue, and I have absolutely no idea who he is and that really bothers me.   


  1. Mike Smith of the Dave Clark Five, perhaps. Don't look much like him, but when it comes to Tussaud's that's often a given.

  2. It seems a tad premature but following the recent news leak perhaps Tussaud's have removed current Dr Who Matt Smith's head already? (Again, doesn't look much like him for reasons stated above!)

  3. that was an actual postcard? crikey... them was the days.

    cross-referencing your dr.who post, half of them look like peter davidson to me... although the roger moore, oddly, looks rather more like bobby moore to me.

    I have a bad feeling, btw, that the m. smith might be 'Mike Smith' (you know, the one who was on tv a lot at one point, and married that bit of crumpet off blue peter).
    Perhaps them weren't the days after all.

  4. I realise I'm over a month late, but I've only just discovered your blog. I think M Smith must be Margaret Smith/Court the Australian tennis player; I see Rod Laver's on the shelf above.

  5. Helen, I think you're right! Thank you so much. I didn't even recognise the head as female...

    Thanks for all the other suggestions, too. I shall sleep soundly tonight!