Saturday, 21 May 2011

Is He Very Violent? Not If You Are Silent

Ulf Goran is The Music Man, he comes from fairy land, via Sweden. What can he play? Well, more or less everything, but he specialises in folk guitar (he had previously presented an instructional guitar show) and has lots of joyful enthusiasm, which he manages to pass onto his audience without being infantile or patronising or creepy. I think he's great, and have several of his 'how to' records.

Special mentions should go the set designer, who has recreated my Great Aunt Dolly's living room down to the smallest detail, including the constantly lit coal fire, and to whoever made those awful tartan outfits for Genevieve and Ralph Wilson.


  1. Really charming. Never trust a bear, though.

  2. Eva, my son Kai's teacher, had heard of the mysterious guitar-slinger. From Kiruna, a mining town in the far north of Sweden, he became a minor celebrity here in the 60s and 70s as a guitar teacher. A Nordic Bert Weedon perchance?