Saturday, 21 May 2011

Mr. Pipes

Ben Benson gets Pat Keysell dancing to his tune in this clip from a 1973 edition of 'Vision On'. I wonder how she would have responded to a Euphonium? At the end, even Tony Hart gets his groove on.


  1. saw the post title in the feed & thought we were in for a Ghostwatch moment there & prepared myself for the worst...

    what a pleasant surprise!

    I was born a year after this aired & have no memories of Vision On at all - which might explain why when I see the grasshopper I think it's a Martian and start wanting to purge the neighbourhood using my dormant psychic faculties!

  2. Without going into detail, I found this clip had erotic potential.
    I could watch Pat Keysell dancing all day.

  3. Yep I have to agree with that.