Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Story Of A Nympho

'Fun & Games' was the second feature film from stunt co-ordinator turned prolific TV director Ray Austin. Perhaps better known under the sensational title of '1,000 Convicts & A Woman', it disappoints on every level. There are only about six convicts for a start.

Alexandra Hay is the Prison Governor's daughter, a 17 year old who claims to be a nymphomaniac but mainly seems to be looking for the attention Daddy never gives her. She spends her time clomping around the prison (which seems to actually be a second rate Grammar School) in skimpy outfits, sucking her thumb and making suggestive comments and laughing inanely: she's supposed to be incredibly sexy, of course, but she's actually just really annoying.

Not a patch on Ray Austin's debut film 'Virgin Witch', the film effectively sputters out after about half an hour and, after that, no amount of implied threesomes, grotesque neck breaks and escape attempts can take away the sense that some form of fraud has been committed.

Here's a clip where she cycles until she has an orgasm. Dirty bike.

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