Monday, 2 May 2011

Pictures Of New Towns

Bracknell in Berkshire was designated a new town in 1949. Over the years it has served as a location for a number of films, including something called 'Larry Potter'. In 1972, however, it featured in the early scenes of 'I Want What I Want'.

The elevated walkways of the town centre seems to take the 'streets in the sky' concept used in highrise housing and apply it work and leisure, although the complex labyrinth of railings and ramps provide a nice metaphor for Roy's imprisonment in a male body and the small town attitudes that will drive him away.

Much of Bracknell still seems under construction in the film, and the image of the new escalators on a patch of concrete in a building site is pretty striking. 

Out of town, the housing estates are similarly half-made up, judging by the temporary bus stop and piles of rubble. The houses look nice, though, although this beast is presumably at the upper end of the scale. There are no streets, roads, avenues, closes or crescents in Bracknell, only names, alphabeticised depending on which of the estates they are on. I supposed you get used to it.

We'll come back to Bracknell again soon but, until then, we'll take the escalator to who knows where and say TTFN.


  1. some great stills. cheers.

  2. Fantastic! May go well on a double bill with Psychomania.

  3. Burgess Horne3 May 2011 at 19:34

    Particularly fine 'teacher's boots', third photo down.

  4. I want this, but I can't have what I want (this). Why are all these utterly British fillums only available on Region 1 NTSC DVD? Gosh darn it!