Wednesday, 18 May 2011

My Life's Blood Is Yours

It's my birthday today, so here is probably my favourite magazine of all time, or at least the one I love the most. 'House Of Hammer' Number 17 came out in February 1978, but I didn't pick one up until Easter when my family and I went to Kessingland in Suffolk (a regular destination) for a very wet weekend in a ridiculously small caravan. I'd read it about a thousand times before we got home.

Aged 9, I found the 'Vampire Circus' adaptation endlessly involving, mainly because it was incredibly violent and I thought the artwork, by Brian Bolland, was brilliant. CHONK!


  1. Happy birthday !

    It's my birthday tomorrow, and I also love this magazine (and this issue in particular, which I still treasure).
    I have early memories of taking the Twins Of Evil adaptation with me whenever my parents took me out in the car, and also the Horror Of Dracula comic strip. Whenever I re-read these, it's amazing how many panels from each strip have been indelibly burned into my brain, despite retaining almost nothing that I was taught at school. I think it's a case of priorities.

    Best wishes to you.

  2. Happy birthday!
    It's my birthday the day after tomorrow... And I would have loved this magazine, if I were allowed violent comics, aged 9. Had borrowed one from a friend once, caused trouble.

  3. Happy Birthday Mr Wittering. HoH was awsome. I have most of them, but missing a few good ones. My favs are Vampire Circus and Captain Kronos.
    It all went a bit odd name wise House of Hammer to House of Horror to Halls of Horror. Mine stop at number 23 was there anymore after that???

  4. Happy Birthday! I hope there's an accurately-rendered Thorley Walters in that strip.

    And Happy Birthday to Andrew and dispo as well.

  5. Happy Birthday!
    I had some sort of Dracula annual for christmas once with similar comic adaptions, wondering if they were lifted from this?
    Think the Twins of Evil was in there.

  6. vic mars; you're spot on, it was Dracula's Spinechillers Annual

    you can download a scanned copy from here:

  7. Thanks for the kind words, gents, much appreciated. Fearlono, happy birthday for today; Dispo, same for tomorrow. Cheers, Paul.