Sunday, 29 May 2011

A Mole Dies Very Easily

More from 'Out Of Town' and the inimitable Jack Hargreaves (actually, he can be imitated, I do it all the time). 'The Moley Man' could be straight out of a nasty fairytale, despite being so nice and old and quiet and harmless looking. Harmless to human kind that is: to the humble Talpidae he's the flipping Terminator.

The casual cruelty of the countryside is much in evidence here. I  don't know what's more disturbing: the  information that you can kill a mole simply by tapping it hard on the nose, or the fact that somebody has obviously tried it out and been pleasantly surprised by the result. I get the feeling I'm going to be dreaming about the Moley Man tonight, assuming, of course, that I can get to sleep at all.

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