Tuesday, 3 May 2011

You Gave My Love Harmony

One of the regular features of Marc Bolan's show ‘Marc’ was a routine from his very own dance troupe ‘Heart Throb’. Most often used to perform routines to records by artists who decided NOT to appear on the show, here they tackle a late Bay City Rollers single ‘You Made Me Believe In Magic’, a track which demonstrates the move into the lite white disco sound which was designed to sustain their career but ended up killing it stone dead.

Funnily enough, the Rollers appeared on the show in person to promote this very record the week after this routine. I have often wondered if they had meant to appear the week before but had to cancel, or whether they saw this piss poor dance routine with its eye gouging day-glo colours and bleeding chroma key effects and realised that it was doing their cause more harm than good. Enjoy, but please have some Optrex to hand.

Blogger would lead me to believe that I have readers in Germany. Bitte entschuldigen sie, but this video is not available to view in your country.


  1. If you want some more awful Bolan stuff rent Born To Boogie...it's Marc Bolan and Ringo Star. There little comedy bits in it are painful to watch.

  2. The list of awful film appearances by Ringo is lengthy, but That'll Be The Day with David Essex is also worth a mention (and it's sequel, Stardust). Grotty Realism.

  3. I'll have to gird my loins to watch 'Born To Boogie' again. I plan to feature 'That'll Be The Day' and 'Stardust' once I can get the DVD back from my Mother-In-Law!